Meet Michaela.

  To book a training session, email:    fitbymick@gmail.com

To book a training session, email: fitbymick@gmail.com

I am a fitness specialist located in Toronto that will to come to you for in-home training and outdoor workouts for one-on-one, two-on-one, or group training.

Certifications:  BSc Kinesiology, CSEP CPT, Canfitpro CPT, DTS level 1, DTS Running Fundamentals, DTS Animal Flow, CPR/Emergency First Aid, Nike Pacer, First Year Physiotherapy Student.

Background: Hockey player, triathlete, runner.

Training Mantra: Train functionally, move properly, live a limitless life.

Favourite training styles: HIIT, functional movement, strength training, plyometrics.

I grew up playing hockey, and that's where my love for movement and fitness began. When I stopped playing high level hockey I felt a huge void and turned to running to fill that gap. I needed a new high level sport and running was the logical next step. I thought to myself, "All you need is a pair of shoes, eh? It cant be that bad".
Next thing you know, I signed up for a marathon and after that race, I discovered I was pretty fast at running, and also discovered that I hated it. I overdid it. Before that race, all I was doing was running and had wild endurance but no strength, not even a single push up in me! Next, I decided to get strong. I didn't run for a couple years and just focused on building strength at the gym. I then found the perfect mix of both, and discovered that being strong made me a better runner who was more efficient and less injury prone. 
My big take away - When it comes to any passion, learning to rest is better than burning out. Rest is where all of your work comes together, and is vital to avoid resenting what you love.

Work hard, rest hard and let your efforts manifest into something great.